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Welcome on IS OLA (Observatory on LAkes)

The database of the Observatory include various types of data from monitored lakes, including biological, physical and chemical parameters (phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, water chemical analyses, physical characteristics, etc..). The data are, on the one hand, data obtained from direct in situ measurements, as those collected from probe sensors (vertical depth profiles for pH, T°, turbidity, transparency, fluorescence, etc..), and, on the other hand, data obtained from laboratory and microscopy analyses (plankton composition, nutrients concentrations in water, ?). The OLA SI provides long-term data on 4 deep peri-alpine lakes (Lake Geneva, Lake Annecy, Lake Bourget and Lake Aiguebelette), and more recent dataset (from 2015) for several high altitude alpine lakes (sentinel lakes).

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The information system contains data that are freely available and accessible data after validation of a specific request from the responsible scientist. In all cases, you must login before you can query the database and retrieve data for your needs.

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Access to and use of data from OLA-IS are governed by terms of use that you will have to accept to get an account on the information system.

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